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GraphsJ is a modern didactic application dedicated to interactively execute graph algorithms; it features both a visual user interface and an SDK to develop custom scenarios.

Run the application

Launch GraphsJ 3 to execute graph algorithms:


Java 8 update 20 or later is required in order to run the application or to create your own scenarios.


License information

Special thanks

Gianluca Costa would like to thank:
Professor Silvano Martello
for his support and advice
Claudia D'Ambrosio, PhD
for her support and advice
Paolo Tagliapietra
  • some interesting brainstorming small talk about architectural and domain-related aspects
  • beta testing
Double-J Design
Most of the icons in the toolbar are a customization of the Primo icon set, by Double-J Design

Further information

If you enjoy GraphsJ, you are invited to visit:

To report bugs or suggestions, please consult the contacts page on the author's website.