GraphsJ 2.5

Please, note: Java 1.6 or higher is required in order to run the application or to create your own algorithms.

GraphsJ 2 was developed by Gianluca Costa. Copyright © 2009-2011 Gianluca Costa.

The GraphsJ 2 Extension Pack was developed by Paolo Tagliapietra. Copyright © 2011 Paolo Tagliapietra.

For further information and to download other versions or other programs, you are invited to visit the author's website.

GraphsJ 2 and the GraphsJ 2 Extension Pack are released under GPLv3. GPLv3

To report bugs or suggestions, please consult the contacts page on the author's website.

Gianluca Costa would like to thank:
Professor Silvano Martello
for his precious advice and testing
Claudia D'Ambrosio, PhD
for her precious advice and testing
Paolo Tagliapietra
  • his GraphsJ 2 Extension Pack, featuring several new algorithms
  • the example problems related to the GraphsJ 2 Extension Pack
  • his advice on GUI usability and his valuable bug reports
Bruno Tagliapietra
for some advice on GUI usability

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